Merle Builders was founded more than 50 years ago on a foundation of integrity, expert craftsmanship, dedication and customer service. Since then, the company has grown to serve homeowners all across Central New York, building hundreds of unique, distinctive homes of all kinds. We uphold the principles we were founded on to this day and we still consider each of the families we serve to be an extension of our own.

Home Builder Liverpool NYWe began as a family business, with skilled craftsmanship and in-depth building knowledge passed down between generations, and we continue our reputation of honesty, integrity and impeccable results.   Since then, we have expanded our family to include a wide range of skills and practices so that we can build every home completely from the ground up. With so many diverse skills, the best equipment and strategic organization, there is nothing we cannot build. We look forward to each new project and each new challenge, never building the same home twice. Just like every family’s needs and lifestyle are unique, so are the homes that we build, with every feature defined by the family that will enjoy it for generations.

Merle Builders began in 1962 with Harold and Marjorie Merle and their team of builders. It began as H.T. Merle Builders, and soon gained a reputation as a trusted and top-quality home builder and developer company. Harold Merle was the chief builder, helping to design, plan and construct New York family’s dream homes. Marjorie Merle worked with the families during budgeting and design, as well as supporting the back office of the business through bookkeeping. Before long, their two sons Ron and Scott Merle came to join the business and learn about home developing first-hand. Ron and Scott learned every aspect of new home construction from experience, and learned how to make each aspect of the homes secure, long-lasting, functional and physically appealing. From laying the foundation of the building to constructing the walls, installing siding, insulation and roofing, to the vital home systems like plumbing and wiring, to the aesthetic details and functional amenities, the Merle brothers learned each aspect of the trade through execution. This complete, ground-up approach gave the brothers an inside look at the total building process, and allowed them to continue to build dream homes as they took over the business.

In 1981, Ron and Scott took over H.T. Merle Builders and reformed the company as Merle Builders, Inc. They each continued the legacy left by their father and adapted his techniques using modern applications and tools. For the next three decades the business prospered with their skills, knowledge and leadership over each project. Ron and Scott Merle built a wide array of homes in many different communities, from luxury homes to one-story patio homes, both in busy suburban communities and quiet rural areas. The company grew as a trusted source for custom homes, and more and more families began to move into beautiful houses specially constructed for their preferences.

In the past few years, younger brother Scott Merle took over the business and continues to oversee its success, as well as the success of every home. With a team of expert contractors and skilled technicians in every area, Scott organizes the construction of each project and sees that every home exceeds expectations. With over 35 years of experience designing, building and managing home building, Scott is ready to take on any project and happy to rise to new challenges. Like his father, Scott now works closely with his wife, Kim, on each project and during everyday business activities. They work together to create new, distinctive homes in the area, with Scott focusing on the building’s beautiful exterior and vital structure, and Kim providing design and décor consultations. With an experienced designer and contractor working together, each home is not only a comfortable and functional asset to your lifestyle, but also an impressive, cohesive representation of your style. Each building is extraordinary and elegant inside and out, with each space, fixture, feature and design piece adding to your unique aesthetic. Best of all, Scott is hands-on during the entire process, so when you call with questions, you can rest assured knowing you’re always speaking to the owner.

Have your home built around your needs and your vision. If you are looking for a new home to retire too, a home for your growing family, or you want to make your first home one that you can treasure forever, contact Merle Builders Inc. to get started. Take a look at the exceptional interiors as well as the gorgeous exteriors of homes in Timber Banks, Melia Park and Ashington in the gallery. See the latest projects for yourself and take a tour with the 2014 Parade of Homes in Farmstead to see our work up close.

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