Home Additions & Remodeling in Syracuse, NY

Custom Home Additions in Syracuse, NY

Do you love your current home but hate how crowded it has become as your family has grown? Rather than moving out of it, consider calling on Scott Merle Builders to provide you with home renovations. Specifically, we specialize in adding custom home additions to all types of houses. We can help you add a new living room, another bedroom, a garage, a sunroom, or just about any other type of room that you want through our home remodeling services.

Why Build a Custom Addition Onto Your Home?

We’ve been providing home remodeling in the Syracuse, NY area for more than 50 years now. During that time, we’ve had people turn to us for custom home additions for all kinds of reasons. Many clients simply want renovations for to help create new space in their home. However, there are other reasons to build a home addition onto your home as well. Some of the best reasons to do it are:

• It provides you an opportunity to rethink the layout of your home to make it flow better for your family

• It makes it possible for you to add to your family in the future without cutting into your existing space

• It increases the value of your home and makes it easier to sell it one day You’ll love your home even more than you already do once you add a custom addition onto it. It also provides you with the chance to obtain a great return on your investment when you call on an experienced company like Scott Merle Builders to take care of your home additions in Syracuse, NY.

Trusting Scott Merle Builders to Handle Your Custom Home Addition

If you make the decision to put an addition onto your home, you shouldn’t rely on just any old company to get it done. Instead, you should enlist the services of a business like Scott Merle Builders that has extensive experience when it comes to custom home additions. Creating an addition from scratch can be a complicated process that can present a series of problems for builders. You only want the very best builders working on your home and putting your new addition into place to ensure it looks great when it’s finished and blends in with the rest of your house.

Other Remodeling and Renovation Services We Can Offer to You

Our family-owned business has also taken on our fair share of other home remodeling projects over the years. We can also help with:

• Window Repair and Replacement

• Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

• Decks and Gazebos

• And More!

Call Scott Merle Builders at 315-409-4124 to get more information on our custom home addition services.