Create More Functional Space By Finishing Your Basement

beautiful finished basement with bar and fireplace

Ever since the COVID pandemic started around March 2020, more and more people are spending time at home. Their home is truly their sanctuary.

With that in mind, do you have a basement? Is it finished? A lot of people have basements that are “bare bones” whereas they might have a furnace, water heater and some other equipment down there, and perhaps a washer-dryer combo. Then it’s pretty much piles of cardboard boxes and “stuff” that’s being stored. However, these days, it’s time to start thinking of the basement as functional space– not just unused or storage space.

Finished Basements = More Space

Can you create more functional space by finishing your basement? Definitely. You could actually make your basement so nice that you’d actually want to hang out down there. What are some uses of a finished basement? A lot of men like to create their “man cave” featuring a bar, movie screen, comfortable chairs, and a place to play video games or poker. Women might like to create a “craft room” where they can not only store their crafting supplies, but also have a well-lit table to do their work on– nice! And what about kids? Why not finish the basement and have a giant kids’ play area, complete with lots of toys and perhaps a jungle gym or pool of colorful balls to jump into? This is especially nice during a cold, snowy Syracuse winter.

Some people decide to finish their basement because their family is growing and they need more bedrooms. They might even want to add a “downstairs toilet and shower” for longtime overnight guests.

Finishing a basement helps expand a home’s square footage without having to do a room addition to the house. It can also help increase your home’s value.

Do you want to explore the idea of finishing your basement? Scott Merle Builders in Syracuse, New York, can help you figure out “the plan” and then make it a reality. Please call 315-409-4124 for more info.