Is Building a Custom Home Worth It?

Here’s a great question: Is building a custom home worth it? Well, it’s worth it to some people and not worth it to others. For those who have a dream home in their mind(s) and want to see it come to life, and they have plenty of money to make their dream possible, then a custom home is totally worth it! For those who have major financial “issues and challenges,” a custom home might not be the right choice, at least at this time…

Now, for those who want to build their dream home, a custom home makes sense. Why? Well, they can have all sorts of input on its design, from how it looks to what color(s) it is, and from how it’s laid out, to where it is located and what direction it faces.

Production Homes Vs Custom Homes

Custom Homes

Sure, you could go with a “production home,” and that would look a lot like all the other homes in an area… or you could go with a custom home that makes you stand out from the rest. A custom home is distinct and unique. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want to “look like everybody else,” and you don’t want to be “plain,” then a custom home is worth it.

With a custom home, you generally would find a builder, like Scott Merle Builders of suburban Syracuse, NY, and work with him to see your plans to fruition. You’ve got ideas in your head which can then be put on paper and dealt with, professionally. For instance, you want a fireplace in the living room and you want a hot tub in your bathroom– is that possible?

The builder will give you options and explain what makes sense and what doesn’t. With home construction there are certain norms and rules, of course, but every now and then a builder can break a norm/rule and go a little wild. Say, for instance, you want to have a spiral slide stairs between floors or a hidden room to keep your wine or valuables– a custom builder can probably make those out-of-the-box ideas a reality for you. 

More Customization = Fewer Future Changes

If you get “more customization now,” then you’ll have “fewer expensive changes later.” After all, you’re starting from scratch rather than trying to remodel an older place and turn it into the look and feel of what you want. Sometimes it’s easier to just start new! Custom home builders offer you many options that a production builder wouldn’t, such as designing your unique floorplan or adding on amenities like a pool and deck in the backyard. Meanwhile, custom home builders are flexible when it comes to mixing styles. Even if it’s not “conventional” or “normal,” they’re pretty open-minded about your eclectic taste(s).

Roofer sheeting new home

Are you worried that having a custom built home will be too expensive? Keep in mind that builders are flexible. While you may not be able to include absolutely everything you “want” in your home, you can probably afford most of the things you’d need and appreciate, and builders have a way of helping you sort out your wants and needs so you’re happy in the end.

If you’re looking for a “forever home” where you plan to live the rest of your life, then why not have a custom home built to your liking? If you’re going to be there for several decades, you might as well have a place designed exactly to your liking– corresponding well with your style as well as your functional needs. 

When searching for a home, it can be hard to find one that “ticks all the boxes.” It can be difficult finding an existing home for sale that has everything you want and need for a reasonable price… in the area you want to be in. Therefore, it makes sense to have a custom home built on land you pick out, with a look and feel that’s best suited to your lifestyle. 

If and when you decide to have Scott Merle Builders build you a custom home, keep in mind there’s no competition among other home buyers– it’s just you and what you want! Since everything will be new, you shouldn’t have to worry about repairs and replacements anytime soon. You’re the first owner of the house and you play a major role in its creation. Meanwhile, it can be built to meet current building codes, with updated features you wouldn’t find in other homes. 

Why not call Scott Merle Builders to discuss a custom built home? You can discuss a site, the scope/size of the home, the structure’s complexity and specifications you’d like to share. Call 315-409-4124 or email