Is Winter a Good Time to Refinish Your Basement?

Basement Renovations

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Most people tend to think of Buffalo or Erie, Pa., as the nation’s snowiest cities, but the truth is Syracuse is. If you check the Golden Snowball Award page on wikipedia for snowiest city, Syracuse keeps winning that title year-after-year.

During a cold and snowy Syracuse winter, it’s a good time to refinish your basement. Think about it: contractors like Scott Merle Builders don’t do as much exterior work in the winter, so they have time to focus on indoor projects, like your basement. They can replace floors, update lights, reroute plumbing pipes, do some painting, and more. Winter months also offer some discounts on things like appliances, lumber products, windows and cabinet lines since January and February are pretty slow at retail, right? Before Christmas, there are sales. After the Christmas rush, businesses get a little desperate for sales in the winter doldrum months, which can benefit a person even more with “rock bottom prices.”

Also, government agencies don’t have as much to do in the winter months, so you’re likely to obtain necessary work permits faster than other seasons of the year.

What are some reasons to have your basement refinished this winter? How about improved storage, creating more rooms you can use (such as a third bathroom or guest bedroom), adding value to your house (especially if you plan to sell it within the next few years), and getting some energy savings as insulation can be added, cracks can be sealed, etc.

For many people, a basement is wasted space, full of some clutter and not much else. But a basement can be so much more. Turn yours into functional space where things are better organized, the rooms are cleaner, better lit, and more attractive, and, if you want, gain extra “rooms” in your house where you can actually spend time doing things you love– basements make for great movie rooms, man caves, tool workshops and kids’ playrooms.

In Central New York, when you want to work with a company that’ll do a great job refinishing your basement this winter, call Scott Merle Builders of Liverpool at 315-409-4124 or email